The best way of finding out what’s in a recruiter’s mind is to speak with them. After interviewing thousands of candidates and working with hundreds of companies, this book shares lessons from an experienced recruiter to help you find the best job available for you – regardless of where you live or the type of position you’re looking for.

The lessons and principles in this book have been around for many years and will be for years to come. While the methods to apply to and search for jobs may change over the years and generations, the principles will remain in place for generations. As long as companies need people to do jobs and people need jobs to earn money, job searching will always be a bit of a game.

Learn from “Chris the Recruiter” as he shares many true stories of how people have found their dream jobs in his weekly meetings with Ann, Carlos and Rajesh. Chris shares tips and tools on how to network, how to deal with recruiters and what to do at job fairs.

The three characters are:

Ann – Accountant, unhappy and underpaid in her job, not recognized for her loyalty to her company and long hours of work and needs a new job.

Carlos – Director of Information Technology (IT) in a major insurance company, very happy in his job, but always open to hearing about other opportunities that might be out there, including possibly starting a business.

Rajesh – New Canadian from India who doesn’t know anyone and struggling to find a job in Canada. He is frustrated in his job search and doesn’t understand what he’s doing wrong.

This book is a must read if you are:

  • a job seeker looking for a new position
  • a new graduate looking for your first job
  • a New Canadian looking for your first job in Canada
  • someone who plans on moving to Canada
  • in the recruiting industry or wants to get into it
  • in an HR role which includes recruitment responsibilities
  • someone who coaches people looking for a job

Tales From The Recruiter Book


Print Length: 249 pages

Publisher: Publications Inc.

Language: English

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